Monday, September 8, 2008

NE Pats. Is Karma a ...?

So many things start running through an overly imaginative writer's head when you see someone take out Terrific Tom--Tom Brady gridiron god, mack daddy stetson smooth, golden boy, carrier of supermodel bags and package picker upper--THE MAN--Tom Brady.

Is it karma, as a friend suggested, for spygate? No bad deed goes unpunished.

Just when Daunte Culpepper retires saying the commish said if a starting QB gets injured in a major way he'd be the first one called on the list and suddenly THE Premier QB in the league goes down. Did Daunte wanna hook back up with former teammate and stud WR Moss that badly?

Can you say Tanya Harding and her cast of bat wielding screw-ups? Were the refs in on the deal?

This was the one downer on an otherwise Christmas-like sports day.

The Panthers smacked a whammy on the Chargers (so what if that screwed up my pool). The Bears laid one on the C@!#$ like they should have a couple of Superbowls ago and Jet Favre played a nail biter against the recently replaced Chad Pennington in the sweltering heat of Miami. Aye!

Oh, tennis is still rolling along after 4 weeks or something like that. Yes, Serena Williams brought the U.S. Open trophy back to the U.S. Americans. And there's more for Monday night thanks to Tropical Depression neƩ Hurricane Hanna. Federer made it, hottie Nadal did not, but nice to see someone new try to take on Mr. Best of all Time.

OH and Carson Palmer maybe if you stop trash talking about The Ohio State University, maybe just maybe, you might be able to beat a rookie QB with a not-so great offense like you should. How's that taste Mr. USC?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Carolina vs Duke

I came across these photos of an office prank in honor of the annual UNC-Carolina vs Duke basketball showdown. Since the snooty Dookies didn't want to post these photos, I can't wait for the Carolina folks to take revenge! That's one sad ram. It's hard to see, but he is actually wearing a Duke University t-shirt with a Blue Devil on the front.

After a disappointing loss, Rameses tries to pursue a new path.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getcha popcorn ready.

I'm not a big Terrell Owens fan, but I gotta say the letter to reporters posted on his locker and catch phrase at the end is just priceless.

And equally priceless was my Patriots dumpin' the popcorn on Dallas' head—and adding a lil butter.

48-27 Patriots.

Testaverde. This is who is hot!

Let's hear it for my fellow 40-something! Vinnie Testaverde brought it for the Panthers. No excuses football. He got cut from Patriots at the beginning of the season, hadn't played in 5 weeks, is 43 years old, traveled to another time zone, plane delayed and arrived just in time to practice, and learned the plays in a few days.

And that boys (Delhomme, Carr and More) is how its done won.

Now that's a guy with a very, very big pair.

Considering all the teams that have QB issues, the Panthers may be starting a trend—retired QBs.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chargers and Panthers

Who plugged in the Chargers! They had a huge surge reeling in 41 points. Somebody should tell them they needed to spread that out over previous four games. It's like Thanksgiving dinner--don't try to eat it all and get bloated, save some for later.

Thank God for kickers. Count on Kasay.